Computer Science 1

Ben Bourgeois

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1. We
are studying C#. It's my first year of Computer
science. It's difficult to learn, but it's what I
call hard fun.



In this game there is a plane flying over continullay dropping bombs on you. If you're hit you lose. But you also can shoot back at it. If you hit it, You win! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!

Final Project


So, my Final Project is called "The Battle for the Orange Grove. Basically, you go through 3 waves of enemies and if you are able to kill them all, you win the Game! Oh, and your only weapon is an orange.

Fish Aquarium


In this project we made a bunch of fish in a tank that would move around randomly. We also made a shark that would do that as well, but if he touches a fish , the fish is eaten. We also made bubbles that would float to the surface and then would reappear at the bottom and do the same thing. We also had a boat that would move back and forth on the surface, with a fishing hook hanging down. If a fish touched it, it was caught and could not move anymore.



In this project we made about ten little stars that pop up on the form and start to get bigger and also go a certain direction. when the stars get get to big they dissapear and reappear somewhere else and it keeps on going.

Basic AI


In this project, we made a program that is sort of like space invaders. You control a character that you can move up, down, left, or right, and there is an invader trying to run into you and kill you. You have a bullet to shoot it with, and if you hit him a certain amount of times, you win.



In this project, we made a program that would, if we put in the number 5, we had the option for it to show 5 odd numbers, 5 even numbers, and the factorial of 5, and it would display 5 nuumbers in the Fibonacci sequence. We can use other numbers, not just 5.

Fish 2D


In this project we pretty much made it the same as Fish 1, but we added a predator fish, and if the fish and the predator fish try to go in the same space the fish gets eaten.

Fish Project


In this Project we learned how to use arrays for multiple objects. However, this time the user can only move the fish left or right by one "tank", and when the fish gets to the end of the "tank", the user can no longer move the fish in that direction. You also need to make the same picture inverted so that it's looking right or left when it's moving right or left.

Rock Paper Scissors


in this project we simulated Rock paper sciccors.

Slot Machine


In this project we created a program that imitated a slot machine. The user would click a button, and 3 images would appear in 3 picture boxes. the user would need to enter a bet and credits before they could play. if they lost, the amount they bet would go into the grand prize, which is initialy $1000.

T-shirt sales


In this Project we made a program that made it so someone could "order" a t-shirt. They had a choice of different sizes and had an option to add a pocket or a monogram.

Dice Roll


In this project we simulated two dice being rolled. We calculated and outputted how many times each number was rolled. We also had to calculate the probability of rolling each number.

Test Score


In this project we learned how to give test scores and tell which one we did better on, and calculate the average of the 2 scores.

Car Renatal 2


In this project, we figured out the cost of renting a car for a certain number of days, and also they could add features like leather seats and a boise sound system. the user inputted the # of days rented and the starting and ending odometer.

BMI Calculator


In this project we learned how to calculate BMI. We had the user input their height in feet and inches, and input their weight as well.

Car Rental


In this project we made a simulation of someone renting a car. They would input their information and the beginning and the ending odometer.

Mailing Label


In this project, we made a mailing label appear on a label, depending on what what inputted into the textboxes.We also had a button to clear it.

Help Page


In this Project we had to create a fake company and when we click buttons, the company background pops up, and we ahev the option to change the color, and the font, and we had a button to make our logo show up.

Goodbye World


In this project, we had to say GoodBye in different languages
when we hit a button.